Amongst The Monks & Organ Fairchild

Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 9:00pm


Amongst The Monks is a musical trio with a huge sound and an arsenal of originality. They present an eclectic fusion of genres primarily composed of rock, blues, and funk; as well as totally original stylings that push the boundaries of a genre label. The band was formed in Upstate New York and has been performing regularly on the east coast since 2013. They’re planning to release their third album this coming summer, which will set the course for an evolved sound from the core members, who showcase their melodic and rhythmic finesse with quality production. Stay tuned and be sure to catch them live in action. Your ears will thanks you!

Organ Fairchild has been described as a musical party that won’t quit. Take your old-school organ trio, add dance-heavy grooves and adventurous jamming, and shake vigorously. Enjoy all night long.

Just voted #1 out of 64 up-and-coming bands in the NYS Music statewide 2021 March Madness competition, this group is on fire.

”An incredibly hot new Buffalo band” - The Buffalo News

Joe Bellanti – organ, keyboards
Corey Kertzie – drums, percussion
Dave Ruch – guitar

Playing together in legendary Western NY cover band Wild Knights since the early 1980’s, these three lifelong friends took their first stab at writing original music together just a few short years ago! The party’s just beginning.

”Three long-time veterans of the jam band scene” - Grateful Web