Band of Doom- Tribute to Black Sabbath

Friday, October 29, 2021 - 8:00pm


Band of Doom is the ultimate Black Sabbath tribute, “a Titanic-style house band on the eve of Armageddon, cranking it as the bomb drops (Q Magazine re: Black Sabbath).”
Hailing from Central New York (CNY), Band of Doom features Kingston, NY’s own venerable iron man, Pat Harrington, on guitar. A lefty just like Tony Iommi, Harrington first established himself in New York City by grinding it out in the tranches on the lower east side with gaggle of cocks before garnering international acclaim with Slunt, featuring Abby Gennet from MTV-fame. For the past decade, Harrington has been leading his own stoner/doom band, Geezer.
Vocalist Michael Viola channels the same maniacal, charismatic persona of Ozzy that made the madman of rock so famous. Monroe’s vocal delivery and onstage antics are hauntingly accurate and fantastically theatrical. No bats or doves were injured during the creation of Viola’s haunting embodiment of the prince of darkness.
Drummer Bo Matheson is another veteran of the New York music scene, having toured with Los Gusanos (featuring CJ Ramone), War Dogs, blues legend Rhett Tyler and Grammy-nominated Spoonbread, to name just a few. Like Bill Ward, Matheson employs equal parts swing and bombast, giving Band of Doom an authenticity that is simply unmatched.
Bassist Freddy Villano originally hails from Long Island and cut his teeth on the road with bands like Widowmaker (featuring Dee Snider) and Quiet Riot. He’s toured and recorded with a host of indie and A-list artists and recently released Fist Full of Devils with David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick. He currently handles four-string duties for The Rods. Villano deftly captures the vibe of Geezer Butler’s kinetic bass playing, adding the final ingredient to Band of Doom’s incendiary sound.

Ticket Price: $10